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#1 Rule: Be Cool! is a website where you can buy and sell games. If you want to checkout some games I have made, go to

If you have a cool game you want to share, (and maybe make some money in the process) is the place for you.

Stenography is a way of hiding information in pictures. Take a look at this awesome fox:

It looks just like an awesome picture. But really, there is text hidden withen it. If you open it with a text editor, such as Notepad++ (and probably only Notepad++, since Notepad doesn't work), scroll down, and you will see some text.

This is called stenography. It's normally considered bad, but it's still a pretty cool way to hid information.

Yay I have a blog! So maybe this is where I will be posting development information and updates. As I'm writing this I don't know where it will go, so there is a good chance it could end up on the the front page :O. So anyway I have a blog!


  • Dream Center status

    • 3 mos. until host-ready

      • Waiting to hear back from Thinc Lab on alternate location

      • Weekly dojo possibly at library during Sept and Oct. Dave - email ICPL (done)

    • UISurplus contacted about peripherials for computer lab

    • Codestarter laptops paired to students on initial boot


More work on Construct 2 and Github with the Little Dutch Boy game.

Mentors will be available to help with git and testing for the Git Novice badge (see lessons 3-14 on

We will be continuing to work in Construct2 on the Dutch Boy game this dojo.

If there are any other updates, I hope Dave will add them.

See you there!

A working game file is attached to this post at the bottom and in the forums

For today's Dojo we will be looking into how to accomplish the creation of the game ideas we brainstormed at the last dojo for the library's new multitouch table computer. First we will need to pick a game to focus on, then we will need to choose how we will develop the game. We have a couple of options on how to do this, and we will need to decide as a group the best way to move forward.

Game ideas:

Dojos are normally on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays. We had a mix up on this for March and our regular Library produced notification, so apologies to those who rely on that for scheduling.  As such, we will be having a dojo on March 29 as only one person showed on the 22nd (hi Eric!).  We will be back to the normal schedule for April.

This dojo will be largely self-directed.  We have the following mentors/experts in the topics listed available to help today:

  • Python
  • Java



Hello all,

This week we'll have a couple of special events at the dojo.  First off, we'll have our first guest speaker!

Dawn Bolus from the Jacobson Institute for Youth Entrepreneurship at the University of Iowa will talk to us about technology and entrepreneurship.  Dawn is the Director of the Institute and has over 15 years of youth education experience.  You can see her bio here:

For this month's snowy dojo we are looking at the following topics:

  • Javascript
  • HTML5
  • Java (Minecraft)

Links will be posted as we use them!


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